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Question: Uk immigration?

Hy guys i have very complicated question about biritsh ancestry nationality.

My maternal grandparents had biriths citizenship although none of them was born in the uk.
Here is how thats happened.

My maternal grandad was born in india estimate date 1922 during the time of british empire. He then moved the myanmar which was also ruled by british empire. In myanmar he got british subject passport before the burmese and indian indipendece 1948 and 1947 respectively.

He travelled back to india and settled there and made a couple of trips to uk and eventually he was granted british citizenship before 1995. After that my grandmother also moved to the uk and she was also granted british citizenship

My mom has 4 siblings already living in the uk and all of them married to british citizens.
My question is, at what extent me and my sbilings and cousins are eligible for british nationality through maternal grandparents.

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