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Question: Can my family apply for immigration asylum?

we left mexico because my father has family ties to the drug cartel. he himself is not involved in cartel actions. but his father and all his his immediate family is. before i was born, my mother says his father would use him to unknowingly move money. he called him to get him out of jail, and when he did, my grandfather robbed their house hold clean. he has told us that once my grandfather was shot, and e had a doctor come see him at home, and after treating him, he shot the dr. after which he cut ties with his family, but his brothers began to harras him and my mom for money. basicly sayong that they were to give what they asked when they asked or they would hurt us. at which point we crossed the border illegally. i am now a resident, so i cant petition for them. but someone said since because of these circumstances, they could apply for asylum. is that true, based on what i have shared here? this was fabricated btw. my situation resembles this, but the deatails are not real lml. small disclaimer just in case.

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