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Question: I engaged and married to my wife 4 yrs, shelives ln morocco i live in usaj?

Too much work too much fees too much trouble and wrong advices.and extrreme waiting! Finally my wife was contacted asked by the consulate to bring 2 -pictures and to go to the consulate appointed Dr and come from a distance of 700mile for the morning interviews.. Shockingly the interviews lasted few minutes immegrant visa denied! My wife went crazy got sick disappointed and stopped eating for a three days still sad very !! No rewritten statement were given what to do next. My wife love me to death she want to be withme no matter what. I discussed the issue with 2great atterneys in chicago they think its unfair !! Im sure the humans are not Gods to submitting the right justice.i!!!!! I need help to feel as an american citizen justice for all rich and poor

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