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Law Office of Sergio H. Benavides is a law firm specializing in DUI and Criminal Law Defense, while also helping people with Immigration issues, based in San Francisco and Hayward, California. We provide the best in Criminal Defense, that comes from having a California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist on your side. Clients are given a great deal of attention, with consultations, guidance, and a deep-seated understanding of how to seek out the best resolution or to fight charges in every case. Clients are kept up-to-date with cutting edge technology–by 24-hour access to their court dates, records, and case files through our secure online case management system. Our courtroom experience and ability to zero-in on the crux of any challenge gives you and your loved ones the ability to secure an advantage in court. Sergio H. Benavides has assisted thousands of clients in court, probation hearings, taking cases to trial, getting charges lowered or dismissed, and even expungements. Our law firm values are: 1. Commitment - I commit to 100% until I succeed. I am committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Law Office of Sergio H Benavides and its clients at all times. 2. Ownership - I am responsible for my actions and outcomes in my work. I am accountable for my results and I know that for things to change, first I must change. 3. Integrity - What I promise is what I deliver. I only ever make agreements with myself and others that I am willing and intend to keep. I clear up all potential broken agreements at the first opportunity. 4. Excellence - Good enough isn’t. I always deliver exceptional quality service. I look for ways to do more with less and constantly improve and innovate. 5. Consistency - I am consistent in my actions so my clients and teammates feel comfortable in dealing with me. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent. 6. Professionalism - I strive to give all potential and actual Clients the best experience and customer service with a smile. I treat teammates with the utmost respect. My behavior creates the kind of firm Clients and teammates rave about.

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