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Question: Letter of Invitation or proof of financial ties at home, Which is important with regard to USA Tourist Visas?

In August 2016 my girlfriend(Chinese) and I will go to the USA to visit my family and have a nice vacation exploring New York City. I am very aware of the requirements for a tourism visa. We both live and work her in China but currently she lives and owns property in a different part of town. I will let her friend living in Albany, NY write her an invite letter and ask her to come visit . The girl just had a child so its perfectly good reason to go visit. My concern is this, independent of my travel plans, will my GF meet any trouble at interview. She will stay with me during our vacation but i am told Interviewers at Consulate will flag anyone attempting to go meet the Boyfriends family. I think its silly but whatever. My mother and father are more than ready to lay down a letter and take responsibility for her whilst she is visiting, but i cannot convey that to the embassy for fear of rejection. My GF owns a home here in China, she has recently begun a new job and she has enough money in bank to meet the supposed minimum savings amount required by someone, somewhere. 50,000 RMB. I have been very focused on taking her home and now with about 3 weeks before we schedule her interview, i am getting nervous. I cant control anything and it makes me feel helpless. Are the consulate people gonna rip her apart or does a legit friend inviting her to visit her child have credibility. Its not a lie, just a side vacation we weren't planning on taking lol, a two hour train l

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