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Question: Can my mother enter Canada if she had a felony charge 10 years ago that was dismissed?

So me & my family we're planning to go to canada for vacation over the summer for 2 weeks, (this would be my 3rd time visiting canada so it's not a problem for me) so anyways I wanted to take my mom to visit Calgary but, the thing is, I know they are strict about felony charges if you're over 18. So my mom had a felony charge 10 years ago, (she was in her 20s) and she told me they were dismissed but, she had to pay a fine & do 3 years of probation to get them dismissed and they were taken off her record but, I'm sure it will still come up when immigration checks her background all the way, she has the court papers of the judge dismissing the charges and what not. So with all that said, will my mother be allowed to go into Canada and if not, is there way she can? (Legally obviously lol)

lisa0 answers 7 September 2016 12:13

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