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Why are muslims not "accepted" into our society?

1) I'm not racist I'm just stating facts and I just want to understand why is it so hard for them to mix into our culture... 

2)I live in a city, where ALL cultures can be found. There are Chinese, Africans, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, Italians Greeks whatever...but somehow there is ALWAYS coverage on the news about how Muslims are being 'difficult' (there was a huge debate, where I live, about how anyone working the public function (doctors,nurses) should not be allowed to wear a veil, cross or a kipa -that sparked some controversy... 

There was even a video on the internet where a white man was yelling at a woman with a veil on public transport "WHY CAN'T YOU ADAPT? YOU SEE CHINESE,PORTUGUESE,ITALIANS ADAPTING TO OUR CUSTOMS AND YOU WOULD EXPECT US TO FOLLOW YOUR TRENDS..." 

Anyways,what are your thoughts?
Update: lmaooo at the people saying "muslim is not a race" stop thinking you're so smart as there is only one race...the human one.

Rand Aram0 answers 30 May 2016 02:48

as an atheist living in the middle east ,my opinion is that the quran tells them to try to convert others and that jews are evil ,and that woman are not smart ,their religious believes tell them to not try to be open so they won't leave islam ,don't call me a racist but muslims have alot of children in europe so they could be the majority ,I have heard alot of malas(muslim priests) telling people to have alot of children so one day they could take rome as they have once taken constantinople ,so its cause of their idea of converting the non muslims and taking over .

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