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Question: Why USCIS do not want to approve my green card? My I140 is approved I am from Tunisia.?

I submitted concurrently both I140/I485. visa is current and there are no quota for immigration visa for Tunisia yet. My case for some weird reasons has been handled very slowly as my lawyer has said it to me once. I self petitioned without a lawyer and got an RFE which was never sent to me until I had to hire a lawyer and paid him 2000dollars and he somehow made the USCIS send me the letter and him and I worked on it together and got finally approved. I submitted both I140/I485 in November 2013. I hold a PhD in mechanical engineering and I cannot have a decent job and had multiple interviews and most of them when they found my staff is stuck did not want to hire me after passing phone interview and was invited for onsite interview and paid my plane tickets. One was for a university the other was for a research center for a glass company and more. Why are they doing this? I feel as if they really want me to quit and pack my bag and leave in a slow manner. Because their lives are going but mine is the only one that is stopped. Do they care? I don't think so? I believe they are doing it purposefully. We asked the senate office of my region to intervene on my behave which he did and they sent a letter back saying that they do not approve to expedite the process of my I485. However, the file has been requested and it will be reviewed once received. I am not sure what is really going on with this? Does anyone have an explanation? It is now almost 2 months since my I140 was approved and my I485 is still lingering. History: - November 2013 applied for I140/I485. - RFE august 2014 which was issued only after me calling several times and after their shoulders. - RFE was never delivered until June 2015, after hiring a lawyer and coerced them to send the letter in June 2015. - I140 Finally gets approved in end of September 2015 Usually, once I140 is approved I485 shouls follow immediately if it is concurrent and visa is curr All the cases who applied around my case were almost all approved no later than June 2014. Except my case that has been put on hold indefinitely.

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