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Question: How do I renounce Bangladeshi citizenship?

Let me be clear on this - I m an American. Unfortunately, my old man was from Bangladesh (moved to the States when he was pretty young). Real asshole, by the way. I m actually happy he s dead. Anyhow... The internet tells me that Bangladesh s "jus sanguis" thing means I automatically have Bangladeshi citizenship just because that bastard was from there. As a patriotic American, I absolutely won t stand for having citizenship of some fourth world Muslim hellhole (especially considering the stuff they ve been pulling lately). Problem: I tried emailing the Bangladesh embassy. Sent a few emails; It s been a couple weeks and no one got back to me. So just a little while ago I *phoned* the embassy. Got some really rude lady with an accent who seemed to think I didn t have Bangladeshian citizenship unless my dad had manually applied for it, so there was nothing to renounce. The internet disagrees with this lady. I m not sure I want to repeat that unpleasant call just to say "Oh hey, you re wrong, can you please get rid of my Bangladesh citizenship now?". Anyone else know how I can get this done if the embassy s being ridiculously unhelpful? Both Wikipedia (I know, not really a "reliable" source, but in this case it's citing an actual published book) and this website here support the "by birth" thing. These aren't the only sources that say I have it, either. I'm pretty sure the operator at the embassy was wrong.

anwwerwala0 answers 29 July 2016 03:14

you can not get rid of bangladeshi cicizenshop. it is not allowed. gut luck.

Just Jack0 answers 11 January 2017 00:44

The link you mentioned above was quite straight forward, not sure why you are having such a hard time understanding it. In summary, you (the U.S. Citizen) are eligible for dual citizenship, because you are connected to Bangladesh origin through blood (your father). However, that does not mean you automatically have dual citizenship. You are eligible to apply for it, if you like, as the website states: "Citizens of USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe of Bangladesh origin may apply for a Dual Nationality Certificate". Now, has your father apply for you to receive Dual Nationality Certificate while he was alive? If the answer is "no" then the rude lady on the phone was correct. As you don't have dual citizenship, so what else is there to renounce, your own U.S. Citizenship?

Simply put:
If you are born in the U.S., you are only U.S. citizen by birth. Now, if you do want dual citizenship and the country happens to be Bangladesh that follows "jus sanguis," then you are eligible to do so as you can prove Bangladesh origin through the blood connection with your father.

opi0 answers 6 February 2017 21:43

just forget that old man and think you did not have any ralation with him.

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