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Question: Why do people born and raised in California want to move somewhere else, and vice versa?

So I met some people who just moved from California to Canada. They said they wanted a change and moved for better job opportunities. They said they were tired of California. Now, I also met people from Canada that wanted to leave and move elsewhere. Why is this?

Emi0 answers 5 April 2016 09:21


I was born and raised in California, and I can certainly think of lots of reasons.
Okay, not a TON, but a sufficient amount.

Growing up in silicon valley, there is a lot of focus on technology, and a lot of demand for programmers and engineers. There are a lot of startup companies, and yes, for software and the like, there are many opportunities. If you don't happen to work in a field that involves technology, then you might not be hired as much as engineers/programmers. That being said, the supply and demand varies.
And honestly? The scenery gets old, the weather can be hot and dry (hello there, drought!), and to put it quite frankly, I think it's rather boring.

(side note: california is still awesome)

(other side note: for the past year or so, you couldn't farm/harvest/whatever crabs due to toxins in the water released by algae)

Please take into consideration that this is based off of my own experiences, and only reflects on the area around SF.

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