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Question: Have been out of the country for years, could I have an arrest warrant?

I was convicted of a minor federal crime 9 years ago when I was a kid and deported 8 years ago. When I was deported I was given a 10 year ban, 2 months after I was deported I tried to re enter and got caught and deported once more. Since then (8 years ago) I have not been nowhere near the border and i've stayed out of trouble. I was a kid back then. I live and work in my home country. My co-worker who is an a$$hole and likes to cause problems told me that before I got to work a couple of white guys (speaking english) were asking for me and had a picture of a younger me. After they didn't find me, he claims they got into a white suburban with an orange or red stripe along the side and left. I have reason to believe this guy is lying. Especially since I have not been in the states at all and therefore could not have committed any crimes. Would this have to do with my past or with immigration or is he just trying to ruin my day?

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