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Question: Can I renunciate of my citizenship if I didn't serve in the military if it is compulsory?

I read a law about it in my country's page and it said that the decision of renunciation of a person will be denied by the government if I've got unsettled obligation, such as enforceable or valid court decision in respect to me, or if I conflict with the state security, interests. Another statement: If the person applying for renunciation of [the country] has unsettled obligations to the state or property obligations in there related to the interests of natural or legal persons, the renunciation of citizenship will not be allowed. I have no any criminal convictions nor problems with a court, or I have never did something illegal. I am just 20 and I want to renunciate and become stateless till I get my new citizenship in the country which I live. Thank you for the answers. I actually want to renunciate of my citizenship because after some time, I will be asked to come and serve in the military and if I go back, I will have to come back here and live 8 years again to get my new citizenship :S

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