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Question: Man to recant oath to the Queen immediately after citizenship ceremony. Any thoughts?

A soon-to-be Canadian has served notice that he plans to recant the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the Queen immediately after he becomes a citizen. In a letter sent to the citizenship court judge earlier this month, Dror Bar-Natan states his opposition to the oath, which he calls "repulsive," and his plan to renege on the pledge following his citizenship ceremony on Monday. The Queen is a symbol of entrenched and outdated privilege and the pledge is tantamount to a "hazing" ritual, Bar-Natan said in an interview.

Sandra0 answers 1 December 2015 08:46

We are part of the Commonwealth, a fact I am sure he was aware of prior to taking the oath of citizenship. He wasn't forced to become a citizen, he made the choice. If you don't like the oath, or plan to recant any part of it, why would you or should you become a citizen of this country? Free speech is one thing....taking such a political stand at the swearing in ceremony was disrespectful to the occasion, to his newly adopted country and to the several other new Canadians who were being sworn in. It was, I am sure, a proud and special time for that should not have been disrupted by this man.

I find it disappointing that instead of celebrating the honour of becoming Canadian...and it is an honour for all of us, he chose that moment for his 15 minutes of fame and to immediately attack one of the very symbols of this country. He should have kept his opinions for a more appropriate time.

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