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Question: Please help me with My Id card/driver's license problem?

Hi thr, I have been living in usa for past 4 years and my paper work in still pending. I was having a ID card until 2019 and I have a drivers license which is about to expire in 2016 jan and I have a work permit which expires on july 2016. I legal status is to be worked and I have valid work permit until july 2016. Just couple of days ago I have received a mail with a new ID card which is exactly about to expire on the date of my work permit expiration and in the mail it is mentioned that my old id card (which is valid until 2019) was given by error and to be returned in dmv. now my question is my driver's is about to expire in jan 2016 and I am in middle of CDL exam I have behind the wheel test to give and do I get chance to go for behind the wheel test ? do they give me a class "a" license after my completion ?? because situation seems weird,they took my id card (which was valid until 2019)back and gave me a new one which is valid exactly until my work permit validation. which is only good until 2016 July. I have to renew anyway and my immigration situation is getting complicated. I just want to know will I get my cdl at least until 2016 july or that will be in complicated issue. I am about to spend pretty big amount of money to train for the test(behind the wheel). please give me your advice and thought Thank you Appreciate it !

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