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Question: Visa support (Green card from employer)?

Im re-posting my question as I was missing a lot of info. I'm currently in a process of getting divorce (waiting to get done with the 90 day cool off period). I was married to a US citizen. Since I didn't even receive my conditional (2 year green card) green card, I am looking for ways to get myself a green card and I think my employer will help me out on this. The company is well qualified company to provide a green card and I have a degree and license so thats why they are offering to help me. I also have a new boyfriend who is U.S. citizen but I didn't think it is ideal to get his sponsorship because we are not ready to get married and I think immigration office will not look at it in a good way. My concern is since my green card by my marriage is still in pending(in a status that my x is withdrawing his petition) will this be an issue to get a new green card from my employer?? will they suspect anything because of my divorce? My divorce is still in process and so far I was married for 6months.

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