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Question: Canada Temporary Resident Visa rejected. Need help reapplying?

My long distance girlfriend lives in Canada and I've been wanting to visit for almost 4 years now, I recently applied for a visitor visa (temporary resident visa) but was rejected. All of my documents and paper work were checked before submission by the Visa Application Center. However, in the application I stated she was only a Friend and that I'm staying at a hotel near by and also included a letter of invitation from her as well as her birth certificate. The reason I did not say she's more than a friend or that I'm actually going to stay at her parents' house was because I've been told that I could be mistaken for wanting to go there to marry her and get a green card or something since we're both young adults, but yeah I'm not going to obviously. However, there is no such document to prove my morals and so I need a way to satisfy the visa officer that I am only visiting for a month and then leaving. My means of proving I was going back at the end of my stay was through the hotel booking but apparently it did not work, would a flight ticket do the trick or do I need something else? I don't have a job to go back to (it is common for Egyptians to live off their parents' salary until after graduation), my financial support would be my mother's income and we have clearly stated that in the application as well, with a bank statement dating 6 months back and a proof of employment. I am planning to reapply and so any help is very much appreciated, thank you.

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