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Question: I am from south Sudan seeking for immigration , just a place to stay and live like a human?

Currently I'm living in middle east outside my country South Sudan, first when I came here my vision was to work and safe up some amount of money then go back to Seattle permanently back home, but in 2013 a recent ongoing conflict started which displaced and killed more than 100,000 civilians including some of my relatives, ever since then my vision changed, couldn't go back because war and hate are everywhere, and can't visualize to build my future here due to non-stability because in where I live if you lost your job you have to leave the country, or if you get a good offer from another company you may not get new residency visa, I only need a place to stay and live like a human, to have a family, peace of mind and be able to support those who I care about and be able to smile again, please help if you understand my story.

Jackson0 answers 6 January 2016 02:15

Canada is a great place to live there is lost of space many jobs and friendly people. you can live freely, there is no war in Canada so it is a safe country.

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