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Question: How can I become a US citizen or Permanent Resident?

So I've been in the US since I was a 1 year old I am now 19 . I was brought here by my mom when I was about 11 months . I want to be a US citizen or atleast get a permanent residency the US is the only place that I can call home , it sucks because I grew up thinking I was born here up until I was 10 when my mom told me that I wasn't born here and that I was an illegal alien it also sucks that I didn't chose to come here but people don't understand some of us were to young to even know what was going on but we still get hate they tells to leave but some of us don't have anywhere to go to .we don't have much of a family in Mexico or a home . I fear deportation because if I were to get deported I'd have no where to go to or no one to help me I'd be homeless. I just want to know if there is any ways I can gain a legal status in the US I already have DACA (Differed Action for Childhood Arivals ) but that only allows me to work and if the next president wants to take that away then I'm screwed I want something permanent.

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