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Question: Can we actually move to the US via the H2B visa?

Me, my wife and 2 of our children (1&5) live in the rep. of Moldova (former soviet block). We are both able to aply for H2B visa. Considering we both have been visiting this country few times and both have good visa records. Now we are thinking of aplying for the H2B visa and, if possible, take both of our children along. After one year expires, we would reaply for the visa or have it extended. In case some of you might wonder - I want to stay in the USA legal. Pay taxes. Work. Most of, all provide a better future for my children. I am curently also playing the green card lottery. But so far, in 4 years no luck. Would my idea work? Or if not - please, tell me why. And what could I do to get me and my family to a legal stay in te US? Thank you, in advance, for your answers. I would really love to learn a valuble advise here. Regards Igor

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