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Question: Is it true that all 3 of Donald Trump's wives were immigrants to the USA and got their green card by marrying him?

If this is true, why is he so against foreigners coming here when his wives did? I know he was wanting all Mexicans and Muslims to leave the US. But what about all immigrants, including his 3 wives? No fair to find favorites.

Lonnie0 answers 5 August 2016 04:58

Who cares, not only is DT a black heart but he is alone in a "Black Hole". The presidential farce is his need to belong; hoping to become legitimate with American society. In short, he had exposed himself, brand and family as not acceptable. If you take a private poll, non of those polled would admit that the have any respect for him or his entire "Crew"....sorry, life's like that, money and all.

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