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Question: Will my crime show up on the N-400 background check?

I am a college student currently applying for citizenship. Last summer during a summer program at my university, I had a foolish misunderstanding and accidentally took food that did not belong to me. I was turned in to the university by a student for theft and had to meet with Assistant Director of Student Conduct. I explained to him my situation and he let me off with a warning and a requirement to take some online quizzes about student conduct.

I really don't want such a small thing to affect/prevent me from getting my citizenship. I have shown good moral character in all other ways, but this "theft" conviction on my school campus was just a stupid mistake. Am I protected by FERPA from revealing my student records to the US Immigration services? Or will they see it regardless? If they do see that on my record, will that prevent me from gaining my citizenship?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

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