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Question: Haitian born, French citizenship, deportation?

Hi im 23 and i was born in haiti to a haitian born french citizen father. I've been livin in the FLORIDA fsince i was 12. Now im tired of my dealing with immigration. I do have a wirk permit but i had n list it a while back and was told that i had to re-apply for another one which i did since july, it wasn't until october that i received a letter sayibg to wait for a Biometrics appointment. Its January i still haven't received it and the employment card that i lost is set t i expir in july. Im scared because im all alone i can't stop working and i have no savings.

Now im even thinking of self deportation. Is it worth deporting myself, where would they sent me, is it haiti or french guyana, and how do i do this? Life is scary and im tired. I have no one in America. And a m I ther and sister in haiti that need financial support.

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