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Question: What to do?

I am 23 years old ive been un the US since i was 12, but i still don't have my green card. Originally im from haiti but my faters is a haitian bkrn french citizens, so im a french citizen too. I dont have none of my parents with me. When i was 8 years old i left haitian and went to french guyana. At 12 i went to visit my mother then she listened to family members and decided to sent me to america instead of back to guyane.
So i did all my schooling hear in the US can't barely remember french anymore. I had stayed with an aunt she didnt help me with my immigration problems now after high school graduation that's when life got rough as allk the door are keep on closing i cant get financial aid, nor can i get any loan nor do i have anyone to co-signed with me for a loan. Now at 23 im tired and scared cause my work permit will expire in july. I even thought of deportation.

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