The Ohlrich Law Firm - San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

The Ohlrich Law Firm - San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

A caring law firm that focuses on the client and customer service, the Ohlrich Law Firm handles San Antonio immigration and criminal cases, as well as corporate formations and I-9 audits. As a former visa chief practicing immigration law in Texas, Ms. Ohlrich is a top San Antonio immigration lawyer and is well versed on the preparation of visa applications for both family and employment concerns as well as the consular process abroad. Ms. Julia Maldonado-Santander is an experienced former federal prosecutor licensed and experienced to handle all both local and federal cases.

With combined experience of more than 36 years in immigration and criminal law, and fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, the Ohlrich Law Firm stands ready to help.

The Ohlrich Law Firm is dedicated to serving you and your family and assisting you with your legal needs. Here you will be treated with dignity, respect and receive the attention that you deserve. After many years of working for both the U.S. government overseas in the U.K., Brazil and Mexico, as well as teaching students and private practice, here you will receive expertise, understanding, and the attention to detail that matters in these highly detailed and sensitive cases.

The Ohlrich Law Firm was recognized as one of San Antonio’s best new immigration firms in October 2012 and has continued to grow in both size and reputation.

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